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 Leslie Widder

I guess this is a story, I'm going to tell, not so sure anymore. Some of it very good and some not so great. When the class graduated I was on the sideline's watching you all walk down and get your diploma's. It was a great thing to see. I got to do that myself the next year (62) from night school and then I went out into the town of Sarasota to find a job,.

I worked for Publix grocery store for a short time and was laid off. From there I went to work for GTE. I was with them for 33 years during which I got to work in a lot of different departments. I started as a directory assistant operator and from there moved on to being a long distance operator. This was a lot of fun being able to connect people all over the world. When they consolidated that job to Tampa I went to repair and then on to a whole different department. While working here I got married to my husband Cliff in 1975. We were married for 11 years and then got divorced in 1986. During our marriage we would go fishing in the gulf, which I loved. We got to catch Grouper and other big fish. One time we even went almost to the Oil Rig off the coast of Florida. I was glad he knew where we were out there.

I worked with the outside men at the work center on 12th st. Their jobs were to repair phone line's and bury cable or repair it. Needless to say I moved on to other jobs from there till I retired in 1995 after 33 yrs.

After retirement I started volunteering at Doctor's Hospital. I really enjoyed doing that. We had a group called Senior Friends and we would travel as a group to different place's. I was able to go to Ireland and Switzerland with my friends. I have been on several cruises and one was to Bermuda from the NYC docks. We were able to take some picture's of the Twin Towers and statue of Liberty from the river as we left New York at sunset. It was a beautiful sight.

I have now gotten a job at CVS here in Sarasota and been there for 4 ½ years. I work part time as a cashier. Boy is that fun. This time of year it is very busy as we are located in the heart of Pinecraft and we have visitors coming in on 3 & 4 buses at a time. They are here for two weeks then get to go back to their homes in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. It is great visiting with them when we are not busy.

I have 7 nieces and nephews and 16 greatnieces and greatnephews. My brother Chris has 5 and my sister has 2. When you add them all up it sure seems like alot to remember when it comes to names and birthdays etc. It sure is fun living my life and I can't wait to see all of you in May.

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