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Nelson Webster

My life after SHS began when I joined the Air Force where I spent 20 years. I went to boot camp and then was stationed at Valdosta, Ga. This was just perfect since I usually came to Sarasota on weekends to see my high school sweetheart Patty Wentzel, class of 63 who I married two years later. We had our first son while stationed there then I went off to Viet Nam a year later. Upon returning we took off for Phoenix, AZ. For two years then off to Iceland. That was quite and experience. Patty came up two months after I arrived and I brought her to her to her new home which we called the cave. She was surprised when she woke up and it got light enough to see outside (it was winter, dark most of the time). She looked out the window at the volcanic landscape and saw all these legs of animals. We were half underground and the sheep and horses ran loose. We have had an interesting and exciting life ever since.

From there we went to Tucson, AZ where we lived for five years and our second son was born. I spent a year in Korea without Patty during this time. Since our son was a newborn we thought it best not to take him to Korea. After that it was off to Germany in the Hunsruck mountain between the Mosel and Rhine Rivers. We loved that tour since it gave us a chance to travel to Holland, England, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Switzerland etc After that it was off to Grand Forks, ND. We kept wondering what a Florida couple was doing in such a cold, isolated place. Our boys enjoyed it though getting into ice hockey, snowmobiling etc.

After retirement we came back to the best place on earth, Sarasota. Our family was here and they were all getting up in age, so it was a natural place for us to come I wasn't ready to retire fully and did other thing such as working out on Longboat Key, owned a flower shop, did some carpentry before settling into working for Sarasota County where I stayed until my second retirement.

After retiring again we did some traveling in our motor home. We drove across the US and up the Pacific Coast and home again. Then another time we went up to Maine and NH visiting America's historic site and my ancestral home (Patty is into genealogy). We still love getting on the road however most of our time is now spent going to South Carolina to visit our son and his family. We will be leaving any day now to meet our two new grandsons. I'm not sure where twins came from in our family but it is exciting to be able to have then especially when you are the grandparents. They will make our fifth and sixth grandchild. We also have one great-grandchild.

Our time now is spend usually going to SC, watching our great-grandson, and spending time with family and friends. Our hobbies are traveling, fishing, kayaking, and camping. God has been good to us and we have had a full life with many memories, and a beautiful family who we enjoy hanging out with. I have also been lucky to have Patty through it all. We will be married for 48 years this August.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Nelson Webster