Bob Watson

After graduating from SHS, I went to FSU and got a degree in Finance and then spent a couple of years in the Army with the last 9 months being an Armored Cavalry platoon leader in Vietnam.

Having really spent more time partying than studying in my undergraduate days, I figured that I better go back to school and learn something. So I went back to FSU and got an MBA in Dec of 1968. I then went to work for The Coca-Cola Company in January of 1969. After training in Oakland, CA to be a district manager, I became one in Salt Lake City for 2 years, then in Birmingham for a year, then in Dallas for 3 years and then became a Region Manager based in New Orleans for a year, then New York for a year ... and then Area Marketing Manager over ten states and based in Chicago for three years.

Being a bachelor all those years, it was easy for me to move... and inexpensive for the company to move me.

Then in 1978 I married four of the most beautiful women in the world. They were my wife Jan, and her 3 daughters from a prior marriage named Shelly (10), Rhonda (7) and Melody (1). We had a son, Brian 2 years later in 1980 and I adopted the 3 girls.

Today Shelly, a UGA grad lives in Marietta, GA and is married to a Georgia State Senator, Judson Hill. They have 3 children.

Rhonda, a graduate of Kennesaw State, also lives in Marietta and is married to Chris Sumsky and they have six children.

Melody, who went to FSU and then later got an MBA at Emory, is still single and is a Vice President of Coca-Cola living in Minneapolis where she is National Account Manager for Target. And Brian, who graduated with honors from Sanford, works for Apple in Birmingham and is married to Jennifer, an RN and they have two sons ages 2 years and 6 months old.

Yep ... gives us 11 grandkids. And you can see the whole crew in the picture below. But the 3 oldest grandsons were not there for the photo taken the day after Christmas since they had gone to a bowl game ... so I cut and pasted their pictures above us. Those 3 boys are Christopher and Aaron Sumsky who played in the GA Tech band and Judson Hill, Jr who goes to school at Miami of Ohio.

I resigned from Coke WAY too soon back in 1988 after moving to Atlanta in 1979 and managing all of the mergers & acquisitions of Coca-Cola Bottling operations throughout most of the 80's. I have worked for myself since then doing real estate and business brokerage work and other business consulting. One of my businesses involves discount medical services.

Looking forward to seeing alot of you at the 50th.