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Sharon Vickery

Well, I've put off doing this bio for months so now it's down to the deadline! Been on a "fast track" since October when after returning from a 3 week vacation, my husband, Jack, found out he had a synovial cyst in his back. Surgery in January, followed by major dental surgery in February and my 92 year old mother in the hospital in March, as well as trying to put our home in northern Arizona back together after some heavy-duty water damage from a broken pipe in February has left me in high gear and I can't seem to sit down at the computer long enough to get something written. I'll try to capture the highlights........

My family moved to Sarasota (bought the Imperial Motel on N. Tamiami Trail) from Ohio where I entered Sarasota Jr. High in the 9th grade. I had Mr. Herbert (Latin) for my homeroom teacher. He was great for my self-confidence and I didn't get called a "snow flake" as Ms. Williams (Algebra) liked to call us northern transplants! 9th grade was part of the high school in Bellevue where I had been raised so I just wasn't too happy about 9th grade being part of Jr. High in Sarasota....but it turned out to be a good deal as then I was an upperclassman in SJHS!

During my Sophomore year at SHS I played in the band and Betty (Jenkins) King (SHS'61) and I became friends. That year, October 1958, she asked me if I would go on a blind date. The boy she was dating had a friend home from Florida Southern College. Little did I know that I was about to meet my future husband. In fact, it was 4 years and 2 days after we met that we married. Jack called me in the spring after graduating from Florida Southern and we began dating the year I went to MJC... getting married in October 1962. Thank You Betty--I'm forever grateful!! Jack worked with his father in the family business, Watson's Gulf Service at the corner of Fruitville Rd. & Lime Ave and I worked at EMR as a secretary in the Engineering Dept. The next year we took a vacation out West and fell in love with Arizona (San Diego was also in the running). So in 1964 we rented out the little house on Hyde Park St. that we bought from Jack's parents, rented a U-haul trailer filled it with my Hammond Organ, a Curtis Mathis TV/Stereo combo, my great-grandmother's antique rocker and our clothes and headed for Phoenix. Jack got a job with Motorola and I worked for American Cable Television, a pioneer in the cable TV business back then.

In 1968 we adopted our daughter Shelley (Suzanne) when she was a week old and in 1970 we adopted Michael just a few days after he was born. By that time Jack was working for Ford Motor Company as a Manager in the Phoenix District Office and I quit working. After our children came along we knew we had to get back to our faith "roots" and became part of a wonderful church. We started a young married's Sunday School class and later when we moved to Scottsdale and became part of another church we again became the "Encouragers" for the young married's (by that time we had graduated from being classified as such)! The highlight for us in the early 70's was being part of the Billy Graham Crusade held in Phoenix. I sang in the choir every evening and we opened our home for follow-up Bible Studies for those that had gone forward to accept Christ as their Savior. It was in that setting that we made many friendships that have lasted until this day. Jack and I continued to have "home" fellowship groups & Bible Studies through the years and I have been blessed by leading Precept Bible Studies as well as Beth Moore studies (if you want to know just who Jesus is and what He has provided for us then I can't recommend any better way to find out--they are life-changing studies that help you know Jesus and build-up your faith).

When the kids got older I worked several years for the Scottsdale office of First National Bank of Chicago in the Real Estate Acquisition/Development Dept. and later worked for 7 years in Human Resources for The Princess Resort, a 5 Diamond Resort in Scottsdale (it is now The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess). Jack took an early retirement from Ford Motor Co. as he didn't want to move his family around the country climbing the corporate ladder. For the last 30+ years has been involved in Real Estate both selling residential and owning apartment complexes. I was diagnosed in 1994 with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was on one of the new biologic medications for the last 8 years and did remarkably well even though the disease has taken its toll on my hands and feet in the early years of treatment. The Lord has been so good through it all......I didn't end up in a wheel chair (which is where I was headed), I have had no pain (for the last 8 years), never have had any side effects from taking the medications and even though my left foot could stand to be reconstructed I can walk, hike, do my aerobic exercises (GO Silver Sneakers!!) and still play the piano. Most exciting now is that I believe, through a personal study and understanding of the Scriptures on healing, as well as a witness in my heart, that I am healed. I have been off the biologic infusion since November and have not experienced any of the symptoms of R/A since that time. Each day is something to look forward to and Jack and I are blessed beyond measure.

Son, Michael & Kristen (we couldn't have chosen a better daughter-in-law) live in Scottsdale...Michael works for Qwest in the construction end of the telephone business. They have given us our 2 wonderful grandchildren, Mason (7) and Samantha (4). They are the "joy" of our lives. We have had each of them 1 day a week since they were several months old. Our daughter, Shelley (goes by her middle name Suzanne) graduated from the UofA in 1999 with a Masters Degree and promptly landed a job in southern California. For the last 8 years she has worked for the State of California in the Riverside Water District as a Microbiologist/Chemist. We moved my mother out to live in our guest house in 2006 after living in Florida (Bradenton, then Clearwater area) for 50 years. It was a hard decision for her to make but health needs compelled it. After suffering a broken hip 2 years ago, and several hospital visits since then she is now in an assisted living home just 3 miles from us. Now I wish I had really learned how to roller skate 'cause I think it would come in handy in this season of my life! But I'm glad that I am able to be there for the young and the old....there is never a dull moment that is for sure!

We have a second home 100 miles away in Prescott, AZ that we try to get to every other week-end. We've been in Prescott since 1996 and if it weren't for our "little ones" and my Mom in Scottsdale we'd be living up there full-time. Prescott is a wonderful town that reminds you of a Kinkaid painting, complete with town square, big trees, courthouse and gazebo.

All the bios have been wonderful reads and we are looking forward to seeing everyone! Every one of you makes me proud to be a SHS graduate!


Sharon Vickery Watson

"Victorious Lives flow from Victorious Thoughts"
2 Corinthians 10:5