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Juliana Troxell

Fifty years after graduating from Sarasota High, Juli Troxell Stottlemyer finds herself a contented old lady! But let's backtrack. I was going with Steve Stottlemyer in 1961. We married in 1963 and graduated from University of Florida in 1965. I taught middle school English and History while Steve went to law school.

The first 12 years of our marriage, we had no children. Besides teaching, I became a potter, going to Penland Craft School three summers. I also raised tropical fish-a hobby that became profitable.

In 1973, Steve and I moved with two dogs, 397 tropical fish, and a truckload of succulents to Highlands, NC. Fifteen months later, Seth, our son, was born. What a joyous change to my life! In 1978, our daughter, Sarah, was born. More joy!

Two years later, with excellent help at home, I opened an antique & decorative accessory shop call "Juliana's." Sadly, in 1984, Steve and I divorced. My shop went from being a hobby to a necessity. Seth, Sarah, & I moved back to Sarasota for the winter months. I bought a home in South Gate-across from Soupie Islay's family home. The kids were now in Pineview and would stay with Steve when I opened my shop in Highlands each Spring. Then they would come up to the mountains until school in the fall.

In 1991, I opened a second shop on Orange & Pineapple Avenue. Sounds like I had the best of both worlds but don't let it fool you, I was exhausted managing two homes, two shops, and supervising two active kids.

The decision was made in 1994 to return full time to Highlands. I sold the Florida home, closed the Sarasota shop :::throwing confetti::: returned to my beloved mountains, seasonal changes & yes-snow! I have had my shop for 31 years-hard to imagine. I still love the hectic retail life of the summer season & kick back in the winter to 3 days a week. But, retail is not a walk in the park!

The kids are grown; Sarah is a lawyer in Atlanta and Seth in in New York City working for a green energy company. Both are planning weddings for this year.

I live with my three Cavalier King Charles pups. They go to the shop everyday with me. I am a master gardener and have 1 acres filled with glorious gardens, raspberry/blueberry bushes, a wildflower field, and a large Koi pond. I have built a potting studio on my lower deck and I enjoy getting my hands in clay. I am not necessarily a good potter but I am an enthusiastic one. I have travelled extensively, but as I get older, I appreciate relaxing in the home I love. I am surrounded by dear friends, have the love of my two children, look out at a gorgeous view, and count my blessings every day. Yes, I am content.

Juliana Troxell Stottlemyer