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Paul J. Stach Jr.

I would like to start out and say hello and best wishes to all SHS class of 1961. It's been 50 years and no contact, so names and faces to me are like tumble weeds, gone in many directions with the wind. The last year of school was great and then came graduation and welcome to the real world. I had no direction and after a summer of parting and hanging at the beach I joined the Marines. I was sent to Paris Island SC for Boot Camp. After graduation I was send to Camp Geiger for infantry and combat training.

I spent time at Marine Corps Air Station and later Marine Barracks 8th & I Washington DC. This tour was both great and sad. The good was I met my wife and later had two great sons. The sad was President Kennedy was assassinated. I completed my service at Camp LeJune, NC training young Marines combat skills before they went to Vietnam. Discharged in 65 and returned to Sarasota and life starts all over.

I attended MJC and worked part time at Sears. After graduation from college I worked for Klaucks 5 & 10 on St. Armand's Key for 18 years. Had and made lot's of friends over the years. Spent many weekends boating and camping with the family. Then came a divorce and life starts all over.

Few years later met and married a wonderful lady and life was good again. We worked, partied and traveled. Retired from Sarasota County Schools in 2005 and moved to Lake Placid, FL. We had a cabin in North Georgia mountains and spent the summers there. Loved riding the Harley on the back country roads. In the winter it was back to Lake Istokpoga and fishing was great. In 2007 my wife passed and as before, life starts all over.

In late 2008 I met a wonderful lady and have a great relationship. She likes to ride and through her meet a lot good friends that ride. Together we enjoy life and live one day at a time. I have two wonderful sons Paul III and John Paul with four grand kids.

In closing I'm still not sure if I will attend this event so best to all and God bless.

Paul Stach