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June Shanaberger

After SHS graduation I went to MJC and got my AA degree; then on to UF where I met my husband in an art class. Within weeks, we eloped, and I joined Eastern Airlines as a flight attendant (like Jan Turner) flying out of Washington, DC, where my husband was already working.

We settled in Washington, and two years later our only child, Tara, was born in Feb 1968. We moved to a planned community, called Reston where I still live today. I taught pre-school in Reston and later Art History and Drawing at The Reston Free School. When my daughter was older, I took sculpture classes for several years at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC working in marble, alabaster and soapstone, a hobby I hope to resume when I retire. If there is any talent here, it is creating clay portraits, but not much call for that type of bust these days.

After 24 years of marriage, we amicably divorced and I learn a great deal about rising from the ashes and taking painful baby steps, but it was all good.

I am an executive assistant to VPs at Northrop Grumman Corporation, own my own home, drive a 14 yr old stick-shift car, and take photographs without any urging. I knit most evenings if I am watching TV, Netflix or Red Box movies. I admit to watching American Idol followed by Castle. I have a wide circle of friends so I can escape the urban scene and go to the country and breathe. Wine is sometimes served with a good sunset.

I hope to retire within the next three years and move to Isle of Palms/Charleston, SC where my daughter and her husband happily reside. Until hat day, I treat myself to massages and still dream of running away wth Cirque du Soliel.

June Shanaberger Derr