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Lynn Schwabacher

Okay folks here goes. As the saying goes, "It's been one helluva ride."  I stayed pretty much invisible at SHS since I'm a true introvert. Went on to college in Ohio and continued to stay out of sight of most of the world. Graduated from there in 1965 and moved to DC. Still here. I am one of the original flower children.

In 1966 I married a man who, when he died, was hailed as one of the icons of the civil rights movement. You can Google him - Memphis Norman. We lasted for a few years but I've been divorced since 1973. For a bunch of years after that it was drugs (pharmaceuticals) alcohol and acting out in other ways. Thank God I had the good sense to never do anything illegal and was always gainfully employed until I retired in 2003. Oh yes. I had a child out of wedlock (Memphis was her father) in 1966 and we gave her up for adoption. When she was 23 she found me and we've remained good friends. She has 2 daughters with whom I maintain a close relationship also. I've had cancer 6 times (5 different kinds) and have just a couple of weeks ago completed chemo for the latest one.

Now, would you believe that with all that I feel like one of the most blessed people in the world. In 1998 I entered Wesley Theological Seminary and completed my MA 5 years later. Rather than become an ordained pastor, I have chosen to tell the story of my redemption, and to turn my life around a bit. So now I am serving on the Board of Directors of an orphanage in Zimbabwe and travel there as often as possible to live with the kids and their care givers. This summer will be my 13th trip. Last May I was in Liberia and hope to return some day. I'd also like to do something with the reservations in the Dakotas. I'm also very active in my church and in Aldersgate Renewal Ministries.

My life has been an adventure with the rewards coming a bit late but very very shiny.



Lynn Schwabacher Norman