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William (Bill) Robertson

After graduation, I tried to enlist in the Air Force but found I had a hearing impairment which kept me from the service, so I went to MJC for 2 years, doing general studies and I could not find a job that I liked, so went to airline school in CT of all places and got my first job which was with Allegheny Airlines (anybody remember them?) and was stationed at LGA in New York. Later went back to Florida to seek airline work there, found nothing and went back to New York and worked for Seaboard World Airlines, an all cargo carrier.

Also during this time, I had gotten married and started a family. I worked for Seaboard Airlines for 7.5 years, split between New York and Chicago.

I then got a job in the cargo forwarding industry doing air cargo documentation with various forwarders for the next 25 years or so. During the last 10 years if my work life, I worked for a worldwide forwarder doing ocean freight documentation.

I live(d) in a northwest suburb of Chicago, raised 3 children. Very common and very much under the radar. I had a small ranch style home with 3 bedrooms and only one bath. How we managed with 5 people in the house, I don't know, but we did.

I currently am retired (aren't we all), living in a trailer park near Elgin, just keeping my head above water. Am quite involved with a nearby Lutheran Church, singing in choir and playing hand bells.

That's pretty much it and if anyone wants to contact me directly, my email is listed on the class website.