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Niki Poulos

After graduation I spent two years at Florida State University. After coming home and working at my Dad's lumber yard, I got talked into going out on a blind date, by Gloria Jackman. I met John Joyce, who had just finished his service in the Army after returning to the states from Japan. We dated for 8 months, at which time he left for Washington to become a spy with the CIA. After a short time, he called and said "Let's get married. I can't stand being without you any longer". Just the words a girl always wants to hear! We were married in two weeks time on Leap Year Day with a formal church wedding, heading off to Washington to face the unknown. After a short time, John decided to pursue a broadcast career and we returned to Florida.

After our daughter, Kimberley, was born we moved to Crawfordsville Indiana for our first broadcasting job. We listened to all the stories about "what are you Floridians doing in Indiana? Wait till you live through our tornados and our winters!" Well, we were no dummies, and headed back to Florida to the East Coast and Delray Beach. This is more like it!

From there we moved to Ft Lauderdale. John was doing news, disc jockey and engineering for a radio station. I was a stay at home Mom, expecting our second child, Scott Patrick. John was making a name for himself as a newsman, and soon we moved on to Naples. In Naples, he worked for a cable TV /Radio station. By this time, I went to work in the financial field, as a banker.

Soon, he got an offer to come to Tallahassee. I questioned did he know what he was doing? You see, John was a Gator and I was "going home to Seminole Territory"! To make a long story short, after 8 moves in 16 years, we arrived in Tallahassee in 1978 and we've been here ever since!

Kim and Scott graduated from Leon High, which looks just like SHS, built by the same architect. They have moved on after they got their degrees. Kim lives in Atlanta and is a Financial Counselor and computer guru. Scott lives in Chicago with his wife Joy. He is an Investment Banker and has given us our two grandchildren, Claire and Jack Joyce, who also live in Atlanta, with their Mom Stacy, and near their Aunt Kim.

John converted to the world of Garnet and Gold and we have had many years of wonderful trips with the sports of FSU. It is such fun to travel to the cities where we have played football, as well as wonderful trips to Ireland, London, Paris and Italy. We would love to spend more time traveling as we get used to our retirement. John retired in 2007 finishing his professional life with the State of Florida as a Public Information Administer. After 25 years in banking, I retired from Merrill Lynch after ten years in 2008. We love Tallahassee with its change of seasons and rolling hills. It's youth oriented with two universities, a junior college and state government.