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Jimmy Peters

Looking back over the past 50 years I realize that I am a very lucky guy. I've had the opportunity to develop a career and a business in an area that I love. I have a wife who has loved me even though sometimes I don't deserve it. She's the one I discuss the events of the day with over wine in the afternoon, she pulls me back to reality when I go too far over the line. She's been my best friend for 45 years, even though she really pisses me off sometimes. We have three wonderful kids who have found their place in life, all three very different, all three continuing to redefine themselves, all three happy.

After graduation I found myself in Ohio, I studied marketing at Kent State University, where I met Kathy in psychology class. During a break, I walked outside and there sitting on the steps with the afternoon sun shining on her hair was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I immediately asked her to have a Coke at the neighborhood gas station, she thought my name was Dave. she still thinks my name is Dave. We were married in June of 1967. I was sworn into the Army Reserve shortly thereafter, Viet Nam you know. My unit was the 350th Evacuation Hospital and like Ro Frederick, I was Radar (minus the teddy bear). I ran an "in house" advertising agency for a bank in Ohio for the next 14 years. In 1985 we packed up the kids, moved back to Sarasota and opened Taylor, McHone advertising.

Early on in my advertising career I fell in love with photography. I started reading everything I could get my hands on. Commercial photography became part of my responsibility at the agency. I was president of Taylor, McHone for 24 years and after retiring three years ago -- it took about a week before I couldn't stand myself -- so with Kathy's prompting, I began a photo essay on "Florida Cowboys". Since then I've learned to ride a horse and shoot pictures at the same time. I've been on ranches all over the state, and become acquainted with some of the finest people you'll ever meet. To date, there are 60 black and white, fine art prints in the collection which have been in galleries and museums around the state and the country. I've recently started holding photography workshops and field trips, and found that I enjoy teaching almost as much as taking photographs. You can view the Florida Cowboy collection at

Each of us has our own shortcomings, strengths, talents, and fears to overcome. Throughout my life I've learned that laughter bonds our very souls together, we experience God with every breath we take, people are not scary, success is a state of mind, old friends are a rare treasure, and there are just some things we will never figure out in this world. I look forward to continuing this journey, along with my family. So. yes I must say, I am a very lucky guy.

Jimmy Peters

"The Six of Us".

We have a small ranch in Arcadia where we go to relax and play. This is a shot of our family at sunset, left to right: Me, Justin our oldest son, Jennifer our daughter, Nathan our youngest son, and Kathy.