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George Parker

Current interests: My architectural business (yes I have not retired yet and probably never will fully).

Have a great time with 2 grandchildren, doing a modest amount of traveling, boating, skiing occasionally in the winter. I am involved in a number of civic groups, Lincoln County Economic development, Comprehensive plan committee, Skidompha Library, A Planning Advisory Committee for Damariscotta. Retired from the Local Planning Board last year after 22 years.

Highlights of last 50 years: After graduating from High School, I attended Florida State University and then transferred to University of Florida when I decided to go into Architecture. Worked in Cambridge Mass. for 4 years, getting married to Carolyn in 1970.

Have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. (Someone remarked one time that if they knew grandchildren were going to be so much fun that they would have had them first.)

Moved back to Maine in 1972 and then to Damariscotta, Maine a year later. Worked in Topsham, Maine for a firm for 10 years and then on to a firm in Wiscasset for 4.

Started my own business in 1987 and have been at it since.

Spent a lot of time boating and skiing and usually a trip in the winter somewhere warm. Sailing has always been a real interest and owned a sailboat with another couple for 20 years, cruising around the mid Maine coast. It was our mobile cabin on a lake. Also did some offshore sailing with my brother -in- law going to Bermuda twice and other trips more recently south to New Jersey and Norfolk.

Spent a lot of time (and still do) on a variety of volunteer committees.

George Parker