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Carole Moore-Quinn Scott

It's hard to believe it has been 50 years since we were seniors in high school! We must have been having fun for time to pass so swiftly. My life has included fun, sadness, highs and lows, but thank God that He is my strength.

I married before the '61 graduation, but did graduate in '62 from SHS. Ed Quinn, class of '60, and I were in Tallahassee a little over five years. He went to FSU and we had four beautiful daughters, three daughters while in Tallahassee. Our fourth daughter arrived five and one half years later while we lived in South Carolina. Jeanne-49 (Jerry), Cathy-48, Amy-45 (Mike) and Sherry-40. We were divorced in 1976 and as I had been a full time home maker, part of the divorce decree stated I had to be ''rehabilitated''! So, Ed had to send me to school.

In 1974 I graduated from practical nursing school at Florida Hospital in Orlando. I have continued to be an LPN since. I have worked in hospitals, 17 years for a Pediatrician in Tampa, and now do home nursing care in five counties in north central Florida for UF. I used to have the nickname ''Go'', so this is just the job for me. Then after being stood up the night before my second marriage, the girls and I moved to my home state of North Carolina. I had already quit my job in Orlando, so I had to do something to heal. A new neurosurgeon and I started this new hospital the same month and four months later he was very important in my life. No, we didn't get married, but he discovered the headaches I was having were not just the stress of being a single parent but from an aneurysm on the left middle cerebral artery. So in December 1976, I had surgery to correct this. It had bled about 18 months prior and left a clot so large it didn't completely dissolve. All of my children went to live with their Dad because of this. My Mother, my maternal Grandmother and her sister had all died from brain hemorrhages. My Dr wasn't sure how I would turn out, But God had plans for me. All went well and I was able to return to work in two months. Oh, remember the fiancee that stood me up? Well he came to NC and we were married. Back to Florida and another divorce after three years. I should have known better.

After this, I had my adolescent period during the next few years and tried to get through the normal period that my daughters were having in their adolescence. Lot's of ups and downs during this time. God was still protecting me and my family. Then, about 19 years ago I met my dear husband Fred. I got another daughter and finally a son and their families. We were married and were living in Tampa at this time. Our first date had been to a Gospel teaching church like I had never been to before. There I was born again and started a closer walk with God. I went on medical mission trips to Russia and to South America and helped be a pastoral counselor as a volunteer at one of the hospitals in Tampa. But I didn't wear a pink smock, mine was a shade of blue.

Fred was retired and thought we needed to get to a quieter area, so we moved to a very rural area and live on about six acres for peaceful, country life just south of Live Oak. We were found a Bible teaching.believing and doing church and are still growing. I was even able to do a mission to Hungry, Slovakia and Romania. I also started college and in 2006 and I now have a Bachelor's degree in Biblical counseling. I used to think when one started getting social security, you were retired. But, I have started a new season in my life. God says He won't leave us where we can't handle things so that we will be able to comfort another one as we ourselves have been comforted. So the teaching guides me and the love we have from our Savior is to be shared.

Besides my beautiful children, they have blessed me with grandchildren times seven. Jeffrey (30y) and Erin (28y); Courtney (21y); Michael (13y) and Marilyn (11y); Carrie (26y) and Ryan (22y). Erin and her husband Greg are expecting my first great-grandchild in June and Courtney and Blake are expecting my second great-grandchild in August. Life is so exciting!

I'm anxious to see you and get the stories from each one after almost 50 years being away from most of you. Blessings and peace to each of you.


Carole Moore-Quinn Scott