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Al (Spunky) and Teresia Morrell Moffett

Hello Friends & Classmates: Al & Teresia coming to you from Leesburg, FL. We didn't end up too far away from Sarasota. Here is our story.

You already know the first part of this script. Met in the 4th grade, engaged in High School and married in 1963.

Moved to Gainesville for Al to receive his BS Degree. I worked to pay the rent. Sounds like the story of many at the time. Al was accepted to the University of Miami Medical School. We moved to Miami and began Med School in 1965. I went to work to pay the rent. Our daughter, Kathryn, was born during Al's sophomore year of Med. School. We lived in Coral Gables during Med. School .

When Al began his Residency in OB-Gyn I was expecting our second child, Douglas. After Douglas was born I again went back to work to pay the rent even though Al was making a "whopping" $12,000.00 a year and working only 120 hrs a week. We were on easy street. We moved to a little rental house on Key Biscayne for Al's last three years of Residency. Our third child, Jeff, was born in July at the start of Al's last year of residency. In addition to 120 hrs. a week during his third & fourth year of Residency, Al was able to Moonlight at an ER in South Miami. Life was good and I was not working to pay the rent! Hooray!

We interviewed in quite a few cities around the state of Florida and was fortunate enough to be offered a position in each city. We picked a small town, small private practice and fell in love with everything about the "Country" life. We moved to Leesburg when our children were l, 3 & 5 years old. They are now aged 38,41 & 44. My daughter received her Law Degree from Michigan and moved back to Leesburg to practice Land Use & Development Law. She met a Canadian Developer and after 2 yrs. moved to Calgary, Canada. He is quite successful and is building her a beautiful home on Longboat Key. They have 2 sons agees 12 & 14. Our son,

Douglas is also an OB-Gyn doctor and has been my partner for 11 years. He is married and has three children ages 8, 12 & 14. Our son Jeff is an Oral Surgeon. He is married and has a son 6 months old. Al is still practicing. He finally stopped delivering babies, he thought about 6 thousand deliveries was enough. He still sees patients and operates everyday.

We are blessed and life is good after 47 years of marriage, working, moving, schooling, and birthing.

Can't wait to see you all in May. Al & I have enjoyed all of your shared stories.

Al & Teresia