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Paula Miller

Reading everyone's bio has been great fun. We really did have the best high school experience in the most idyllic, beautiful little town.

After SHS I went to FSU, majored in English/Spanish, graduated in '65 and like many women of our generation had absolutely no clue what to do next. Had no husband, no job and no plan. Considered graduate school for about 20 minutes and then went back to Sarasota to think it over.

Having had a little taste of travel, tried to figure out how to keep doing that. Went to Miami on a whim, interviewed with Pan Am and went to work as a "stewardess" in January '66. I couldn't believe they were actually paying me to do that. Turned out to be a good move as within the year I became a flight attendant instructor and stayed in that very cool job for seven years.

After some years at home, I went back to work for Pan Am in 1985 and spent another seven years training managers. When the sad day came and Pan Am was no longer, I worked for a management consulting firm until retiring in '99.

I digress. The summer of '65, while thinking things over, I ran into Barry Davidson (SHS'60) in the Tampa airport. I was stuck there and asked him for a ride home. It's been a great ride.

Our son Brent was born in '72 and son Clay in '75. We raised them in Miami and Barry still practices law there although we call Key Largo home now and spend summers in Vermont. Both boys are doing well, are married to lovely girls, and we have our first grandchild born last year.

We'll see you at the reunion!

Paula Miller Davidson