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Kathy McCarthy

Well, here is my story. After graduation I went to LA to start nursing school, but my very first patient died while giving him a bath. It must have been an omen. I moved back to FL with my first love whom I married. Disaster! Fairy tales don't always come true. I divorced him a year later and decided to go back on the road with my family. You see, I was raised in the circus/carnival business so moving up and down the East Coast every summer when school was out was natural for me.

I met my husband, Pat, as a grown up now, he was someone I knew for years growing up as a kid on the road. We married in 1964 and traveled the road together coming home to Tampa for 6 months then the road for 6 months. I pulled my own trailer and he drove a semi with the arcade machines and canvas. We had our son, Marc in 1965 and our daughter Alyce in 1967, both born on the road. I was a real trooper!

In 1970 we sold the traveling business and bought an amusement park location in Seaside Hts., NJ. We were there from Palm Sunday until Labor Day for 10 years. Tampa remained our home base; the kids went to Catholic Schools for 12 yrs. Pat was mechanically minded and any new arcade machine that came out was given to him to work the bugs out. Knowledge like this is not learned in books. He would figure out how to stop kids from beating the machine.

We sold the park location in 1980 and Pat retired. I went to college and earned a degree in finance. Marc and Alyce were 13 & 15 by then and Pat became Mr. Mom. He loved to cook and the kitchen was now his domain.

After I graduated I went into real estate in Tampa because I could see the growth happening in our area. I became a Broker in 1983 and opened the first Tampa RE/MAX franchise in 1985. I loved the business and dove into it fast and furious. I earned the Realtor of the Year for WCR in 1993, the Builder's in 1998, and CRS in 2000. I served in the President's seat for all these organizations and am a member in the top 3% nationally.

I am a grandmother of 2 girls living in Tampa who belong to my son. My daughter has 1 son and lives in Arkansas.

I lost Pat in 2006 but decided to maintain my real estate career under my own company, AMR Global Realty, Inc. to keep busy. Trips to see Alyce and overseas travel is my favorite past time.

I'm looking forward to seeing every one at the 50th reunion.

Kathy McCarthy Razzano