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Kelduyn (Jane Marsh) Garland


These past 50 years since we graduated from SHS have been most surprising and unexpected as to the life that I have had . . . and I must say wonderful, although sometimes involving excruciatingly challenging, and nothing like I had dreamed or expected. I have transformed by these challenges from being a prim & proper [terrified of life] Southern Belle who was voted the MOST RELIGIOUS our Senior year into a woman who knows herself, is confident in her own competency, and respects & loves herself and Life.

Do you remember who I am, yet ??!!?? Hint: maiden name was Marsh.

This is a synopsis of the journey that brought me to where I am. . . . . .

I went North [Illinois] to college for four years, and after graduation my closest friend & I integrated a black neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago during the heat of the civil rights movement, where I taught kindergarten & 1st thru 3rd grade in a storefront school for a year. Afterwards, I trained in Montessori as a pre-school teacher. While in the training program, my father killed himself in an auto accident in 1966, and this blew my world apart because we had been so close.

Several of my college friends had moved to LA, and I decided to join them so in 1967. I worked in Family Services & Child Welfare at 4 years for LA county. I rented a little cottage in Pasadena, which was located near the Pasadena Playhouse. One of my neighbors who was head of the set dept for the playhouse's school of drama. Thru him I met a most free spirited and gorgeous Scandinavian man who was an incredible Hippie Bohemian artist [in many mediums], and swept me off my feet. We married in the Summer of 1968; he did the sets for Rowan & Martin's LAUGH IN, as well as the Smothers Brothers show, while I continued working for LA county in neglect & abuse children's services.

When the Winter Olympics were scheduled to be held in Colorado in the early 1970's, we decided to move there and open a graphic artist & gallery shop in the mountains near one of the venue sites. We ended up in Denver, and although our marriage ended in 1972, he was the BEST thing that happened to me... he was the "Crack in my Cosmic Egg' [as Joseph Chilton Pearce titled his book], blowing my world apart and waking me up to life and my potentials, both in living w/ him as well as with the divorce.

I worked in several gourmet & import shops in the historic area of Denver until I got a job in child welfare investigations for Adams county [ the northern suburban area of Denver] where I worked for 4 years. I also began breeding and showing dogs , and traveled to AKC shows on the weekend for my sanity [with my work]. I went to graduate school at the University of Denver and got my MSW so I could do what I wanted to do, which was NOT bureaucratic work. During this time I went into therapy to put my world back together from not only the divorce, but also my father's death, going thru further & coalescing major transformation within me as a result of this experience.

Ever since I was a small child, I knew the name my parents gave me was NOT my name, I found MY name while in college, and began using it as my call name during this period of growth & change because I was NO longer who I was as a child / in my pre-marital years. The University of Denver said it had to be legal to be on my Graduate diploma, so I legally changed my name [which has been more than half my lifetime ago !!].

While in grad school at DU, I met a man who had taught & chaired departments at the U of CO medical school before leaving to teach and work with the living body. He was 15 years older than me; I trained and was mentored by him in Body work, and we became good friends; he also became my significant other [SO] for @ 35 years before his passing 2-1/2 years ago. He always maintained that there was nothing like marriage to spoil a good relationship, so we did not marry. We had a Shirley McLaine / Steve Parker relationship, living independent / interdependent lives and always there for one another, having wonderful times when together. He moved to NYC from CO in the late 70's, where he primarily lived until his passing, and I left CO 30 years ago [1981] and moved to the SouthEast, ending up back in Florida.

After graduate school I started my private practice as a psychotherapist, and supplemented my income as Casework Supervisor of an international adoption agency and child placement agency for severely emotionally disturbed children.

It was during this time that I found my son [Nathan] thru the international adoption agency, and with much political intrigue was able to bring him to the US in 1979 and finalize his adoption here. He will be 35 on Mother's Day this year !! He was my "on the job teacher" BondingAttachment trauma and post traumatic stress disorders, which not only impacts combat troops but also children & adults who have had early traumatic experiences... the earlier or prolonged the trauma the greater the adverse impact on the person.

As a result of simultaneous multiple life changes, we left Colorado late 1981 with plans to move to Scotland, and ended up in Chapel Hill, NC, for 8 years before moving to Lakeland [FL] in 1989, where Nathan finished school, graduating in 1995 and joined the Navy for @ 10 years, serving with the Seals for 6 of those years. I also have a quasi son [David] whom I met while living in NC; his father had recently died, and after several years of knowing him, his mother died, leaving him alone since he was an only child, so I became his GrandMaMa, and have been for 25 years.

My clinical practice has had a BodyMind focus, and has included my being a:

©Pioneer in Developing & Providing Reproductive [Infertility & Perinatal] Loss Therapy and Interventions to women and couples; Pioneer in Pre & Perinatal Education to expecting parents on the MotherChild and BondingAttachment dynamics occurring during this time period ;

© Pioneer in providing treatment to adults, families with adolescents & infants to address & resolve their BondingAttachment trauma issues;

© Pioneer in developing & teaching Infant Massage [Gentle Touch];

With much encouragement from friends and professional colleagues, I have also gotten my PhD's in Psychology [emphasis on Pre & Perinatal Psychology] and Marriage & Family Therapy during the past 10 years.

My work has provided me the opportunity to teach in universities and colleges in the US, and in Southeast Asia, and present at professional conferences / congresses and medical consortiums throughout North & South America on BodyMind dynamics, reproductive, BondingAttachment dynamics & trauma, loss & grief / death & dying issues, and geriatric / elder life transitions issues. I tell people the work I do is to support & assist people in BIRTHING IN . . . BIRTHING WITHIN THEMSELVES . . . and BIRTHING OUT.

I am one of the Co-Founders of ATTACh [Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children], which is an international organization for professionals and parents to address BondingAttachment issues, dynamics & disorders, and served on its founding Board of Directors of the organization for a number of years. I am also a very active member of APPPAH [Association for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health ], which is an international organization for mental health & medical professionals, and parents to address the impact of the gestational / pregnancy and early infancy time period experience on personality & temperament development and health & well being, and have served on the Editorial Board of its Journal (Journal of Pre- & Perinatal Psychology), and the Board's Ethics Committee since 1987. I also served on the founding Board of Directors of one of the first free standing midwifery Birth Centers in the US in the 1970's, and have had articles on newborn development published in professional journals and newsletters, and am one of the original co-authors of the top selling neonatal medical textbook, Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care.

I am still living in Lakeland, and in the transitional process of moving to a small remote mountain town in the Southwest mountains of New Mexico for the remainder of my life.

With all the life experiences and transformational changes I have made in these 50 years, I can say that I am no longer religious, and am very Spiritual in my focus on life and being in this world.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as can make our 50th reunion and have enjoyed reading the bios that have been posted thus far by Niki.

Kelduyn (Jane)Marsh Garland