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Pamela Markman

After graduating from SHS in 1961, I attended Manatee Jr. College for a year and then transferred to RPI in Richmond, Virginia (a subsidiary of William & Mary College). I majored in Psychology and Music, but of course, that didn't work well for me since I was young and uninformed that the only way I could do something with either of these degrees was to get a PhD in Pscyhcology and do nothing with the music part. Years later while raising 2 young children I decided to study for a Corporate Counseling Degree, of which again I never used since it was too much for me at the time.

After returning to Sarasota from RPI, I married one of my MJC classmates who was a Manatee HS graduate. That marriage lasted for 8 years with no children. I met my current husband of 38 years now, in Framingham, MA while I was working as a secretary for the Department Head at General Electric. Charles and I have two children. Jennifer is 37 and Charles is 36 years old.

In 1971, Charles and I were married at my parents home on Longboat Key. We then moved to Orlando where our daughter was born and then to Atlanta where our son was born. After 12 years in Roswell, Ga, we then moved to St. Louis, MO because of my husband's career in the healthcare industry. I worked with Coldwell Banker as a real estate agent for 4 years until my husband was transferred to Charlotte, NC I went to the Charlotte real estate school and passed my State and Federal exams to practice there. Again, Charles was transferred in two years and this time to Baltimore, MD where we have been ever since. I decided that I did not want to practice real estate in Baltimore since it was such a large metropolitan area and just didn't feel comfortable about being out late at night with clients. Thus, I went back to school at MEDIX to become a medical assistant and/or medical administrator. I graduated 2 years later with honors, etc. and worked for the next 18 years in the medical world. I was medical secretary and assistant manager for a reconstructive surgeon for 7 years, a medical transcriptionist for an ENT, and in medical administration for Mid-Atlantic Cardiovascular Associates in Baltimore, MD for 8 years. I loved every minute of my experience working with doctors, even the ones that were difficult. I love working with patients and feeling like I was contributing toward some part of their lives. I miss that part of my life as I speak, since Charlie and I decided to buy a home in Bradenton/Sarasota this past year. We are now Homesteaded in Florida for 7 months and will soon return to our Maryland home for 5 months so we can have quality time with our kids and grandchildren.

Our son, Charles, and daughter-in-law, Lauren have two girls - Hannah who is almost 6 and Emma who will be one year old in June. Our daughter, Jennifer and her husband, Gert, are having their first child at the age of 37. Never say never, since they married with the agreement that neither of them wanted to have children. Their baby is due July 12th but they choose not to know the sex. They want to be surprised, just like all of us were in those days before all this technology. Gert is an Environmental Scientist and our daughter, a vet-tech is now returning to college for her Occupational Therapy degree. Our son, Charles, works for CBS and sells television advertising time spots amd Lauren has a an MBA in Social Work.

My husband still works at his career in healthcare, flying to St. Louis, MO every week. He is an avid golfer and plays when he has time. As for me, I still love playing the piano. I have been taking classical piano lessons with a concert pianist back in Maryland for the past 10 years, of which I will resume again for my 5 months back in MD. I left my babygrand piano back there but did bring here my digital technic piano to Florida. It is not the same, so if anyone knows of someone that would like to sell their babygrand piano at a reasonable price, please let me know. I have recently been working with a soprano opera singer in her preparation for a European tour with the Connecticut Chorale.

I have been very fortunate to have a fairly great life. There are always the ups and downs, but that is what makes us strong and appreciative. Our health has been fairly good for the most part. I am grateful for that. I believe that 'Prayer' and 'an upbeat Attitude' makes each day for me 'a blessing'.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Pamela Markman Kean

Charles (son), Pam, Emma & Hannah (grandgirls), Charles (husband)

Gert(son-in-law), Jennifer(daughter) now pregnant w/our 3rd grandchild

Hannah, Emma, Charles (son) and Lauren (daughter-in-law)