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Rae Kauffman

I have sure enjoyed reading about everyone. Some times like everyone else it seem like only yesterday that we were all trying to figure out who we were and what would come next.

It seemed like I always worked and I really enjoyed doing a lot of different thing. In my senior year I thought I had enough credits that I could finish in night school, and work during the day. I was working at Belk Lindsey as a seamstress. Sewing was always my favorite thing to do and still is. Well not to long after I left school things changed Joe and I decided to get married amide a lot of objections on Dec 5, 1960. My mother was ill with cancer so we were back and forth helping to take of her. Debbie my first child was born Nov. 13 1961 of course everything changed again. My mother passed away Jan. 7, 1962, not long after Debbie was born. Joe worked for Palmer Ranch at the time at the estate.

Later he went in business for himself doing landscaping. Feb 1963, Joe came along. Oct. 1965, Robert, and June, 1971 Paula arrived. At that time I was working at Peterson Manufacturing. I had worked there 6 years running progressive punch press machines , making any thing from bullets to fishing ferrels, etc.

When Paula came along I thought I would Like to be a stay at home mom. Well that didn't last too long.

I decided to buy the daycare that my children had attended. Well, I guess I stayed at home with mine and 35 other kids. I loved it I went back to school and got early learning education.

Started a preschool along with daycare. In those days not many offered schooling. In 1975 after the gas shortage in 1974 things were rough. Everywhere you looked people were out of work alot of my kid's parents as well. We closed up the daycare I went to work again. I worked for Little General for awhile then Joe got a landscaping job in Port Charlotte so I transferred hear to Little General there. Soon after I left there and went to work for General Development back to sewing again redoing and maintaining the models in North Port and Port Charlotte. I volunteered at the school whenever I could. I was hopeing for job with the school system so I could be off when the kids were. But after waiting awhile they had no openings, so I went back to vocational school again and took more business classes and bookkeeping. I went to work for Hessler Floorcovering in Punta Gorda in 1978 as Office Manager and Bookkeeper. I went back to school again at Edison Collage got a degree in decorating. Managed and sold window treatment and flooring for Hesslers for 32 years till I retired.

Over the years I belonged to alot of different organizations: ABWA, Builders Association, Punta Gorda Business Alliance, Punta Gorda Historical Society. For love of kids, and I am very involved in my church United Christian Women. I enjoyed traveling and reading and of course, sewing not that I am that great anymore but I still enjoy it. I love to play Mah Jongg and other games.

We Have 10 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Joe and I divorced in 1997. He passed away on 9/11/04 after Hurricane Charlie came through.

Debbie lives in Georgia. Joe went into the Marines after graduation and retired after 24 years. Robert was A fireman/paramedic for 12 years in Punta Gorda. Retired due to injury and he now he runs the state firefighters association and he owns Amick Reality. Paula seems to do alot of different things along with raising and boarding Horses.

I am very blessed to have most of my family near, and lots of good friends.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon .

Rae Kauffman Amick