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Lew (Bill) Holt

After graduation I went to Washington D.C. with the other draftsmen from Captain MacLean's class, Bob Reuter, Guy Mitchell, Dick Stickney, and Jim Canfield. We each had a job opportunity with some office in D.C. and were accepted at one of the colleges here. The plan was to work and attend school at night. Bob Reuter is the only one to complete the program, earning his degree after about ten years and enjoying a successful career as an Architect and project manager. I am the only other one to stay in the D.C. area. I soon dropped out of college, not cut out to be an engineer.

I was married in 63 and had a son born in 64. Had to get a better paying job and after a few false starts in sales and what have you, I became a carpenter. I had worked three summers and after school for Sarasota builders R.P. and Sonney Farrell, so had my years as carpenter's helper behind me and could start as a journeyman. This turned out to be my true calling and I worked at all kinds of carpentry all over the D.C. area. Hit some of the famous places such as the White House and Executive Office Building, famous restaurants etc. Seems every president and most other big shots have their offices remodeled when they move in to wire every inch of the place and tear out their predecessor's wires. Mine was L.B.J. Of course this area was on a great building boom like the rest of the country, which was to last with a few minor dips until 1990. We war babies and the old vets had to work our asses off to build everything the boomers needed, and which they famously always needed yesterday. I was able to master the trade pretty quickly and had a good ride eventually becoming a general contractor.

My dear wife Lori had completed 2 years of business college and worked until retirement as a medical secretary. We were able to buy a small starter house in a close in neighborhood in Falls Church, Va. We built whatever we wanted onto the house and it grew all over the lot till we have no grass left to cut. We do have spacious areas of brick paving, decks, stone paths and planting areas. We still like gardening. I was able to introduce my inland gal to her first beach and we have been beach bums ever since running away to the shore at every opportunity. We continued to socialize with Bob Reuter and his wife and family. They were doing the same thing with a starter house nearby. We also saw Ernie Kandler and his wife Sandy MacIntire both SHS Class of 62. We also saw a few other Sarasota kids who came thru the area. I know Capt. S.K. MacLean with his great SHS drafting class sent many other grads out into the world both before and after 61.

We had always planned to move to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on retirement, but maybe not. We are used to our house with every least thing built in, and can't find anything to buy at the beach that we really like. Also our neighborhood is all built out (I helped with that but so did every other contractor in the area). The landscaping is mature and all the houses are different so it's a sort of garden district and very convenient inside the beltway. So for now we are staying in the old homestead and traveling a lot to every beach town on the eastern seaboard and also the mountains, where we have a cabin.

We both volunteer at nearby Arlington Hospital which I also helped to build out and where Lori worked for the local orthopods. There we continue to see people we have known thru the years. Oh, yeah, our church is The Falls Church (Episcopal) after which the town is named. It's been here since 1675 when it was built as the Church of England. So we are pretty deeply anchored in the community here. Of course Sarasota is a great community as well and I feel privileged to have grown up there.

I enjoy reading these bios. What a great Idea! Seems like our classmates have been everywhere and done everything.

Lew (Bill) Holt