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Beverly Hine Bidwell

The Elvis Performance at the Florida Theatre: My parents took me and I remember it so well because they rarely did anything beyond work.

There seems to be growing support and enthusiasm toward the 50th SHS Reunion. Congratulations to all of you volunteering for such a huge job. My husband of 33 yrs. and I attended the 20th reunion. I attended the 40th as a widow. Cliff died on the Interlachen golf course in Orlando in 1999. After nursing in Los Angeles, Charleston, S.C., and Orlando, I received an Interior Design degree from U. of Missouri while my husband was doing a Radiology residency. (I had my own business in design from 1984-2005, mostly commercial.)

Child rearing was the focus of the next 10 yrs. in Orlando. Chad 1972, Wendy 1975. Finally Chad has made me a Grandmother. This last year I have been to visit them in San Francisco 4 times and the baby will be 1 on May 26.

I am married to Tom Allen and am so grateful for the love and companionship we've shared the last 6 yrs. Tom is in a private law practice in the building owned by Frank Finkbeiner. They've been friends for years. It is a small world.

Looking forward to the 50th.

Beverly Hine Bidwell