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Marilyn Hazard

Moved to Bradenton, Florida in the Spring of '58 and finished 9th grade at Bayshore. Moved to Sarasota the summer of '58 after home was completed on Bay Street off of Tuttle and started my sophomore year at SHS.

After my senior year I attended FSU for 1 years, came back to Sarasota and worked at The Diana Shops and then EMR until laid off the end of '63. Moved back to Merrick NY in '64 , lived with my Aunt Dot and three cousins, attended Mandl School for Medical Secretarial and Technician training. Moved to Arlington Va where my Mom and Step-dad and brother and sister were living.

Went to work in DC for 5 Drs. for 2 years as a receptionist. Met my future husband at a red light in DC. He was attending Treasury Agent school at the time. We did not date until some time later and in 1966 I moved to Boston...lived at the YWCA in Boston and then a rooming house. Went to work for a OB/GYN in Boston for a year and then did temp work for awhile.

In 1968 my future spouse was transferred to Augusta, Maine. He had transferred to ATF from IRS. I lived in the Augusta house for a number of months until Maurice "Buzz" Barton and I married in March of '69. We lived in a small apartment for about 6 months before buying our first home together. We have been married 42 years. Buzz has two children from a previous marriage and they along with their spouses and children have been a very important part of my life. But more about that shortly.

Lived in Augusta, Maine till '74, moved to Bowdoinham, Me in '76. Transfer required we be closer to Buzz's office and in '76 we were transferred to Boston, where we had a home built in Plymouth, MA. During our time in Maine I worked for the Bank of Maine, US Dept of Agriculture (Farmers Home) and then in '74 I started my career with IRS. I retired early from IRS in 1996 as a Taxpayer Service Specialist. Buzz retired on disability in 1978 and we returned to Bowdoinham, Me and built our log cabin on the 15 acres we had on the Kennebec River. Weather not healthy for Buzz so we moved, with our 5 year old son Christopher to Sarasota in 1980. Our traveling in trailers, fifth-wheels and motorhomes started in 1986. In 2004 we gave up the traveling after a serious car accident. Someone wanted to occupy the space we were already in on Clark Rd and broadsided us. Took a couple of years of therapy for me to recover and unfortunately it has made an active life difficult for Buzz.

As to family... Buzz's daughter Lorelei and husband and three sons live in Williston Vt.  Lori is a trauma nurse and Neal is a teacher. Erik the oldest grandson is back at college and waiting for acceptance into a PA program, Drew works at a restaurant and Scott is a junior at college. Buzz's son Mark and wife Cheryl live in Topsham, Me. Oldest grandson Travis is married to Krista and they have a son Grady and Krista has a daughter Kirah.  Travis does granite and tile work in new homes and remodels and Ryan, who is still single but has a steady girlfriend Kelly, works with his Dad in the construction business. Our daughter-in-law drives a school bus. She loves having her summers and holidays off. Buzz and I have a son, Christopher. He is married to Sheri and they have given us two granddaughters... Mikaela age 7 and Morgan age 4. Christopher is in the Army National Guard... a rapid response unit out of St. Pete/Clearwater. He has 16 years in the military... active and now full time Guard. Sheri is a biologist at Mote Marine with the manatee program. They live in Bradenton. We try to spend part of the weekends together and we also have the girls after school once a week. Gymnastics are a big part of the grand lives and Mikaela is in Girl Scouts.

Alot of my life is devoted to caregiving for my husband and I am glad that I am able to provide the care. I am also helping my sister Kathy with the every day needs of a cancer patient. She was diagnosed in January with lung cancer and is going through chemo. The cancer caused her left tibia to disintergrate and she fell. Had to have titanium rod and radiation. Will need surgery after lung chemo for two growths on the outside of the brain. It is a journey one would never want to take but we will journey on. Having had cancer in 1999, I can appreciate the emotions that sometimes take over.

I have enjoyed all the bios and for those who are dealing with any illness. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to the reunion this May. Hope you are able to weed through this bio.I don't proof read so what you read is what you get.

See you all soon

Marilyn Hazard Barton