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As I begin relating a summary of my "life-story" upon graduating from Sarasota High, nostalgia of "The Fonz and Happy Days" sets in, for indeed happy days reigned. Fond memories of Mr. Perkins and Jr. High Band, Mr. Taylor. Mr. Shank to Andy Wright( the "Mr. Holland" of Sarasota High Chorus' and Admirals), Sailor Circus band, Prom to name a few, loom in my mind.

Off to college, and with the help of "Mom", I received a scholarship and loan from Palmer 1st National affording me the opportunity to attend University of Florida that Fall. Though I struggled early on with those "weeding out exams"( learning how to take them), I plugged along, worked at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in the summer, with sites on being a Pediatrician. But in 1968, I came to the realization it was not to be. With a passion to work with youth, I made a switch to Recreation/ Physical Education. After a rewarding internship at St. Petersburg Recreation Department and the teen program, life-changing experiences along with some guys & gals involved with Campus Crusade for Christ on campus( ie. Tim Tebow's Mom and Dad), upon graduating I joined the High School Ministry of Crusade( Columbus and Cincinnati, Oh.), as well as with F.C.A. in Atlanta, Ga.

Priceless was learning how to share my faith as I had the opportunity to share with my Dad before he died of lung cancer how to have a relationship with God through faith in Christ---he lived a little more than a month and became a different man.

During my time as a missionary to high school students, I attended Dallas Theological Seminary where I got my Master's in Biblical studies---got to meet Coach Tom Landry, and caddied for my college roomie, Pro-golfer Wally Armstrong on Tour at both the Byron Nelson and the Colonial Open. I met my wife of 17years while on staff with Campus Crusade. During those seventeen years in youth ministry, we had four beautiful daughters who have grown strong in spite of the separation in 1991 and divorce that followed in 1994.

After recovering, I served as admissions/ high school coordinator for two colleges, District Rep for the Boy Scouts, and Development Director for two faith-based charities( Lubbock Interfaith Hospitality Network to Homeless Families and Agape Flights).

Three of my daughters are married, and to three wonderful guys. My oldest, Coleen, is an Exec. Producer with a Music-Video firm in Hollywood and 24/7 with her career( ie. Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Christine Aguilera ).even more special is her love and volunteer work and support of an orphanage for children of aids victims in Uganda, Africa. Carrie( number 3 and a Cal State-Fullerton grad),Tony and my oldest grandson "Lil T"( 18mo's) live in San Jose-Ca.. My youngest, Cassie, and Brett( both Azusa Pacific U. grads) live in Denver-Co. My number 2 daughter, Cherie( a Texas Tech grad.), Charlie and 2nd grandson Aiden Thomas( 8mo's) live in Hurst-Tx., where I also reside and serve as a "Grampa Nanny" providing day-care 5 days a cool is that! We got a good thing going. I hope to start my own business( the Lord willing) as an outfitter for vision-quest providing a service to teens/ young adults and their mentors for launch-ing successfully into a career for which he or she is wired.

John Haynes