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Adrian Garrett

Okay I am going to try to get this done. First the bios have been great,thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them, we have had some interesting and diverse lives. Mine has been exactly what I wanted it to be. I have gotten to do what I always wanted to do, since I played baseball with JC's in little league. I signed a contract a couple days after graduation, and played 19 years of professional ball. It took me all over the world, from the states to Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Japan. It also led me to my wife, Linda who I met in Austin TX in 1963, and we were married in '68. She made a Texan out of me; we move there from Sarasota in '72, we bought a house in '78, while I was ending my playing career in Japan. I love the Austin area; it's about the only place in Texas I'd want to live. We have 2 of the best kids that the good Lord could ever give you. Our daughter Angela was born in Sarasota in '70 and son Jason '73 while I was playing in Chicago with the Cubs. They both have degrees from the University of Texas. Angie's degree in business, worked at Motorola in Austin until she married and had our first grand child Alexa in 2001 and she has been a stay at home Mom ever since. They also have our youngest grand child Carys, born in Grenoble France, where they live for 3 years. They move last summer from Austin (which broke our hearts) to Los Altos CA, so we do a lot of traveling back and forth. Jason lives in Austin, works for an insurance company, doing insurance and investments. He has our middle grand daughter Avery born in '02. He and his wife divorced a couple years ago, which also broke our hearts, but everything works for the best, I guess. He also followed my footsteps for a while, he played pro ball for three and a half years in the Florida Marlins organization. He injured his wrist while playing, got married and gave the game up, but he is still doing it in a way, he give personal hitting lessons and coaches a 14 year old select team.

I am still coaching; I work for the Cincinnati Reds AAA team in Louisville KY. I tried to retire 3 years ago, but I was asked by our GM to reconsider, so I am still at it, every year I say it is going to be my last, but I love what I do. Working with young kids trying to get to the major leagues, and seeing some them make it is very rewarding. I know I loved my playing days.

In the off season, Linda and I spend most of our time doing whatever our grand kids want us to do. They have been such a blessing to us, there is so much love between us and we want to be as close to them as we can, while we are still physically able. They also love coming to Louisville every year one or 2 times and spending a couple of weeks with me, every time I talk about retiring they have a fit. The oldest grand daughter told me a couple years ago, when she was 7. "Papi, how hard is to be a hitting coach anyway". My kids keep urging me on also, they think staying active keeps me young. I don't know about that.

I have certainly been blessed in my life, Linda and I have been through a lot, she has followed me all over the world, traveling with young kids, a lot of it by herself with the kids. We are happy, and look forward to retirement, and doing some traveling. We will be visiting Sarasota some, too. My family is still there, and I will always love Sarasota, it is where I grew up, and have so many memories. My high school days are probably highest on the list. I love you class of '61 and my God bless each of you always.

Adrian Garrett