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Here goes my try at what I have been doing for the last 50 years.

First of all I can't be old enough to be talking about my life for the last 50 years, Boy, time does pass by fast.

After 12 long years in the Sarasota County Schools first starting at Central Elementary, then went on to Sarasota Jr. High and then 3 wonderful years at SHS. I went to college in Sept of '61' at Columbia Bible College in Columbia, SC. Boy, was I entering an all new world. I've not been away from Sarasota without being with my family, must less not knowing anyone when I got there. Home sickness doesn't even begin telling how I felt. But God had a plan for my life and I had no idea how much he would change my life while I was there.

Grew up really fast and loved being in college. During those 3 months I wasn't always feeling great but everyone thought it was cause by being so homesick. Came home in December for the Christmas holidays and continued to get a lot sicker ending up in the hospital on a Sunday morning having emergency surgery to save my life. That morning there was a young man in the church service where I had grown up and they had stopped the service for a special prayer. He thought I must have been pretty special for them to stop the service just for me. Little did he know or I know 3 months later he would be asking me out for our first date. One year later I married Ronald D. Basham in that same church on June 21, 1963. Niki Poulos was my maid of honor she was always a great friend.

Life has had it ups and down for us during the last 48 years, Lots of wonderful times but not many away from wonderful old Sarasota, FL. After 3 years of marriage we were ready for the next experience of being parents. But that wasn't in God's plan the way we were seeing it anyway. I was unable to have children and was told we would need to adopt if we were planning on being parents. It was a time of really wondering "Why Us?" But we did the necessary work and in June we received a call to come and meet our son David who was 5 months old when we brought him home. What a joy, 3 years later we applied and asked for a baby girl. Nov. 1968 we received the call and added to our family a 5 week old baby girl, Connie. They have both brought Ron and I many years of joy. I was very lucky to get to stay home and be a room mother and a stay-at-home housewife until they graduated. During that time Ron and I became Bail Bonding agents in Venice, FL. I was one of the first women to get a license in Florida.

Our Son David is 44 and has retired from the Air Force with 20 yrs service, and our daughter Connie has been with the Credit Union for 23 years and now has gone into a new career change. David has given us 3 grandsons: 3, 5, and 9. They live in Sanford, NC. Connie has a daughter who is now 17 and lives very close to us and we have had the joy to be close to her everyday life,

Ron and I have retired. Ron started working with the old EMR plant on Cattlemen Rd., in 1962 and retired with the same company, which is now called L-3 after 45 yr, I went to work with them many years later and lasted 10 years before a big layoff.

We have been adjusting to retirement and really enjoy golfing 3 or 4 times week. We built our dream home on the 9th hole of Sawgrass Golf course in 1999 and think we are on vacation all the time looking out our back patio. Hopefully we will get around to traveling.

Hopefully will see you all in May.