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Glenda Evers

After graduating from high school, I headed off to Florida State. In my second year, I met and married husband #1, Steve Friberg. We had a daughter, Lisa, my only child. After moving west for his employment, we divorced, and I married husband #2 in Nevada, Vince Pizzoferrato. Vince and I lived in Nevada, Florida, New Jersey (worked in NYC), back to Reno, then Las Vegas and finally San Francisco area, where, sadly, Vince died in 1976.

From the time I first moved with husband #1 to Nevada, I have been involved in the computer industry. I started as a programmer in 1967 and over the years, advanced to Systems Engineer to Branch Manager. I spent time as a Systems Engineer for telecommunications systems supporting customers all over the US and in Vancouver BC Canada, and eventually was a regional manager for my company in Portland Oregon, where I met husband #3 in 1977, Jon Schiewe, to whom I have been married 32 years. I received an offer from my company to become the Director of Projects in Los Angeles, (later Branch Manager) so we packed up and moved south in 1983. This was not a move to be taken lightly. My husband practiced law in Oregon and moving meant he had to take the California Bar exam. He passed it and started his own law office on Wilshire Blvd. We lived in Santa Monica, Malibu, West Hollywood and in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles.

Now for some fun., after moving to Santa Monica, I got my first Porsche 911 SC, a 1977. (In Portland, we had a Porsche 914 2 liter and a Porsche 924). We were very active in PCA/LA - Porsche Club of America Los Angeles Region. Then we got a 911 Carrera, which was stolen and never recovered. The police took the report over the phone; they wouldn't even come out to the parking lot. Next we got a Porsche 928. Drove it to Las Vegas in an overnight rally. Lots of fun. A year later we added another Porsche, 911 Carrera, my last one, which I drove on the track at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond CA. I had high speed drivers training through the Porsche club. It was a lot of fun. We also did a lot of time, speed, and distance rallies. Remember the formula: Distance = Rate x Time. You are given the speed and course to drive (have to keep track of the distance) and need to figure out the time you should arrive at a checkpoint. Jon, my husband, was a rally master too. I drove, Jon navigated. Are you bored yet? We sold the Carrera before moving to Lake Tahoe. It was a snow thing. Haven't done any more Porsche stuff since moving to the mountains. Anyway, back to the story.

After 10 years in the Los Angeles area, we decided we needed a change and in 1993 opened a retail store at Lake Tahoe, in Incline Village Nevada - The Tahoe Store. That's me behind the counter. The current owners haven't changed the website. It was done by me, my first effort. Of course, the first thing in our store was a computerized point of sale system. In 2003, we opened a second store in Reno. We named it G J Rhodes - G J for Gloria Jackman and Rhodes from my husband's great great grandmother. It is still open in Reno and the website, again done by me, has not been changed by the current owners. (I have gotten better at doing websites. Graduated from Front Page 2000 to Dreamweaver). Our stores were essentially small department stores emphasizing upscale home d├ęcor, kitchen, candles, and personal care. We sold both businesses, and in 2007, moved back to Oregon to be closer to my daughter, her husband and two granddaughters and my step sons who all live there.

We are retired now. However, we can't sit still. My husband still does Living Trusts available for 49 states (not Louisiana) and keeps up with his clients from California and I do all the computer (fun) work.

Recently, we have become un-enamored with the rainy and cold northwest weather and have made plans to move back to my roots in the Sarasota area. So I have come full circle. After living all over the country, many of which places were strikingly beautiful, I find there is still no place like Florida especially Sarasota. Hope to see all of you at the reunion. We will have just moved into our new house.

Glenda Evers Pizzoferrato