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Kirsten Damgaard

After I came back to Denmark, I finished my school there, two years of serious studying, after all the leisure and easy life in Sarasota. I took a very short doctor's secretarial course and wanted to go out in the world, worked in hospitals in Denmark, after that went to the States to New York City, where I worked for Danish companies, for a single person to live in Manhattan, what an experience and treat.

My kids, Malene born in 1970 and Sten in 1973, both born in Denmark, we all moved to Hamburg, Germany, where we lived for three years, Sten and I got married in 1976, the Danish way of starting, having kids first and then marriage. We are all Danish citizens and spoke Danish all the time at home, except when business, then English and German. Malene and Sten both went to kindergarten and public school here and graduated, Malene went to Scotland for her University degree and Sten went to Friburg, Switzerland to study law. Both now live in Switzerland, Malene is married to Adrian from England and has Kristofer, 8 years old, Sten lives and works in Zürich and is married to Justine, who is from Holland, they have Philip, 15 months old and are expecting in August.

I have been a housewife, and secretary for Sten, when he was in the yachting business, now we are retired completely.

In 1981, we bought our first farm on the water on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Talbot County and had the farm for 25 years. Every summer, we would travel "over there" and stay for six weeks with the kids and dog. We renovated ourselves our historic house, a passion we have had on the sideline.

In 2004, we sold our farm and bought another one on the water in Talbot County, an even more historic house, which needed to be restored, so we have had this project going since 2006 until now and hope to be finished, let us say, some time in 2012 for my 70th birthday. We have a guest house on the property, where we stay during the renovation of the main house.

We have been going to the States twice a year, spring and fall and sometime stay for Christmas, so on April 12, we are leaving Switzerland for our spring stay at the farm and I will look forward to the reunion in May.

My third leg is Denmark, where I have a summer place near the water north of Copenhagen and I am spending three months there with the family coming and going.

I am very happy with my three-leg life, when we are in Switzerland, we see the kids and grandkids as much as possible, or they come to Maryland. Malene is jumping a plane with Kristofer as if it was a bus, otherwise the modern world let us keep in touch per Skype, phone, computer etc.

Kirsten Damgaard Rasmussen