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Jane Curvin

After graduation I stayed around Sarasota for a year at my parents request. In 1962 I joined the Navy and went to Bainbridge, MD for my basic training. Two weeks before my training ended I received orders to go to Texas. I was so excited because I had spent most of my life in Florida. Just before leaving basic my orders were changed and they sent me NAAS Whiting Field, Milton, FL. That is where I met my husband Henry. I had planned to make the Navy a career, but back in those days if a women became pregnant she was discharged, (now days they can stay in and make a career). Anyhow after I was discharged I moved back to Sarasota where I had family. My Husband stayed in the service and retired in 1965.

In 1973 I was diagnosed with a rare muscle diseases. The hot Florida weather made it difficult for me to do normal household chores and take care of the family needs. So we moved to Englewood, TN where is was cooler but not as cold as Michigan where I was born. In 1985 after 22 years of a wonderful marriage , Henry passed away. Our three girls had graduated from high school and on their own. In three months time I went from five in the house to one (me).

In 1991 at the age of 42 I felt lead to go to Bible College. So I attended New Life Bible College in Cleaveland TN. While attending college I held different jobs, as store clerk, maid, desk clerk for a hotel. In 1995 I was out of work and had to make some decision on what to do. So I took a map, laid it on the table and prayed asking God what to do and where to go. I laid my hand on the map and my thumb landed on Bethel, Alaska ( Bethel means the house of God). So I said OK Lord I have never heard of the place, and don't have money for a ticket and no job, but if you want me to go I will. To make a long story short, 2 months later I was in Bethel, AK and ended up with the best job of my life. I did not even know what a fax machine looked liked and only turned on a computer a couple of times with help. I ended up being the Executive Assistant to the City Manager and getting a retirement. Bethel is on the west side of the state about 200 miles from Russia. The only way in or out is by plane, and it cost as much to fly from Bethel to Anchorage as it does to fly from Anchorage to Tenneesee. Bethel is unique. There is only 15 miles of road in the whole town. While in Bethel, I helped start up the Audubon Society. Served on the council of the arts and worked with the Camia festival. During the summers everyone went fishing. I learned how to fillet a 30-50 lb salmon in 4 cuts.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in my life. I had to fly to Anchorage every 2 weeks for treatments. My daughters encourage me to leave Bethel and move closer to where I could get treatment and not be so costly to fly. So March of 2005 I retired from the City of Bethel and moved to Talkeetna, AK where I now live. I did not want to be in Anchorage, it is to big and too much traffic. Talkeetna is a unique little town between Anchorage and Fairbanks. It is the jumping off point for all those who come to climb Mt. McKinley ( the tallest mountain in North America). It is on the road system, however, it takes 3 hours round trip to go shopping. No malls or Walmart 2 blocks away and no big fancy buildings. It has its adventures. There are not many places in the lower 48 that you can look out your window and see Moose crossing your driveway, or red fox scampering around looking for something to eat. I love the drive to Wasilla ( the next big town 68 miles down the road), because there is very little traffic and often one will see the dog teams mushing along the side of the road, or moose crossing and eagles flying.

So to sum up my life, I have spent 28 years in Florida, 22 years in Tennessee and 18 years in Alaska. After going through 11 major health problems, I thank God that I am still kicking and enjoy each day to the fullest.

Thanks for letting me share my life with you. I do enjoy reading the other bios. If any of you all come to Alaska give me a jingle I would love to make contact with you.

Respectfully Jane A. Curvin Neeser