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Penny Crosier

Unfortunately, my story isn't as interesting as everyone else's has been, but here goes.

After graduation, I worked in Sarasota for a couple of years at EMR and also got re-acquainted with Bob Parsons. We eventually married in March of '65 and continued living in Sarasota until November of '65 when Bob had a great job offer in Jacksonville, Florida at Brumos Porsche. So, off we went; Bob to Brumos and me to work at Paul Revere Life Insurance Company. From Brumos, Bob was snapped up at Porsche Car Southeast and he stayed there until his boss purchased a VW dealership in Tucson, AZ and asked Bob to come with him and since we had no children yet, that seemed like a great opportunity to us. We stayed in Tucson for ten years where both of our children were born and where I worked for another life insurance company. Unfortunately, the automobile business took a nose dive about that time leaving Bob scrambling for a job. He found one in Palm Springs, California, but regardless of the movie stars he got to meet and the fact that the pay was pretty good, we couldn't afford to buy a home there and, at that time, even a two-bedroom house rented for $1,600 a month!!!! So, he sent resumes to Texas (my sister and her husband were living there) and he soon got a job at a dealership in Arlington so off we went and we bought a great house in Hurst which we lived in for 17 years. I worked for an electronics manufacturer for two years but the drive was awful so I found a job in Fort Worth working for Tony Lama Leather Products. After I had been there for two years, the division closed and all the work transferred back to El Paso so I went to work for Alcon Laboratories where I stayed for twelve years. Although I hated to leave that job (the pay, health care, and benefits were wonderful), Bob received an offer from another dealership he just couldn't refuse (double his current annual salary) so off we went to Las Vegas. The reason the pay was so great was the dealership was really in trouble (which he didn't know until we got there) with the national headquarters and they needed Bob to get them straightened out which he did in about six months. No sooner did he get them back in good graces with the national headquarters, they eliminated his position, so he started his own landscaping and lawn maintenance business. In the meantime, I went to work for one of the casino companies. Although we really liked Vegas (especially me - I loved those little blinking lights, but I'm not a very lucky gambler), unfortunately, our daughter (both kids stayed in Texas when we moved to Las Vegas) had marital difficulties which had Bob flying back to Texas every other week. After about three months of that, someone offered to buy both our house and our business so after 12 years in Vegas, back to Texas we came and have been here ever since. The best thing about it is that we are now closer not only to our kids, but to our two grandchildren and get to see them all on a much more regular basis!

Hope to see you all at the reunion next month!

Penny Crosier Parsons