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Dotty Clark

Life has been good to me. My husband, David, and I retired to Sarasota in 2004, and purchased my parents' small home near the bay. Presently I serve as: President of Kiwanees, a member of the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, and a Board Member (with David) of The Kirbas Institute, an academic non-profit. One of my favorite titles is "Grandma."

Although I have no birthing tales to tell, I do have a cool percussionist stepson, Chris Thomas, his Colombian wife, Jeanneth, and a teenage grandson, Brandon Thomas of VA.

I married David A. Thomas, Ph.D., in May of 1969. We met on the faculty of Concordia College in MN. David is an academic, an author of 13 books, and a tall Norwegian Texan who still makes me laugh. He was a basketball and football player. He coached debating teams, and taught rhetoric in five states. For 18 years he was with the U. of Richmond in VA. He now writes about films for Christian Ethics Today. We like films, nature photography, the beach, concerts, lectures, sports, travel, and gardening.

In 1961 Edna Amsden Koelfgen and I roomed together at FSU. I managed to complete my doctoral coursework of 45 grad hours in Spanish literature at F.S.U. in 1976. I taught Spanish for 35 years, including 11 years on the college level. I taught Spanish and Foreign Language Ed. at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and at Auburn U. in AL. I taught in public schools in FL, MI, TX, and VA. In 1985 I earned a business MSM degree at Houston Baptist U.

I am a person who sees the proverbial glass as half full rather than half empty. Living in different areas of the country has given me insights about different attitudes and customs. Having a biracial grandson has taught me a lot about ethnicities. Other enriching experiences include travel and study abroad in Mexico and Spain, touring the USA, interpreting in Colombia, and touring Greece. I am grateful.

Dotty Clark Thomas