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Steve Byers

I had a great time in High many wonderful friends...too much fun to worry about grades! God Bless all my teachers, who were all very nice folks. Best buddies were Bob Watson, Adrian Garrett, Dennis Coombs, Frank Carroll and Mike Schall.

I attended Manatee Junior College the next year and majored in partying. really. A year later I flew to Nashville ( thanks to Dad ) with tapes of my songs and guitar playing. Auditioned with Capital Records and they offered an eight year contract, with lots of touring. After thinking about all the time away from home, I declined and returned to Sarasota. I went to work with FPL in 1963, and spent time in many different departments, trying to learn all the business until 1973. I became a Real Estate Representative for the west coast of Florida and continued until retirement in 2009.

I met Meredith (Toogie) Lynn at MJC in 1962.. love at first site. We were married in 1965 and this April we will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. We have two children, Mark and Julie and three grandchildren. We do our best to spoil them rotten. Toogie taught school at Brookside Junior High for several years.

Fell in love with Desoto Acres from visiting friends like Adrian, Jim Cash, Allan Abdulla, Gene Strickland and George Helmlinger. We built a home there in 1968 and we're still here. Toogie has always had a horse, and we are both animal nuts, so many dogs, cats and even a goat. I stay busy with trying to keep up with this place, and always seem to have a new project going.

We have been on many cruises, but our trip to Hawaii was a dream come true.

I have been a member of the Reunion Committee for several years, after realizing all the hard work done by Sherri, Jerry, Vicki, and others. Just wanted to assist in some way.

Look forward to seeing so many friends at the 50th Reunion in May.