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Julie Bouchelle

I was the "new kid on the block" in the 10th grade at Sarasota high School, but it was not as hard to get adjusted as I first thought. You all were great to me and I remember many of you fondly.

I am sorry to say that I have not kept up with many classmates though. I went to college at Georgia Tech, majored in physics, and met my husband there in graduate school. I did not complete my Ph.D. work because our first son Dallas came along in early 1970. Doug and I have lived in East Cobb (Marietta, GA) since 1970. We have 2 sons -- and we now have 3 grand-daughters who are the lights of our lives. In fact it is with the 2 older grand-daughters (11 and 8) that we are traveling to the Galapagos during the same time as our reunion - so I will miss you all again.

My life has been - and is -- fantastic. After leaving Georgia Tech, I went back to tennis - the sport love of my life. After playing a while, I became a teaching professional and thoroughly enjoyed this profession as I raised my young children. Jan Turner and I even crossed paths during this part of my life. It turned out that she lived "about a lob away' from our residence.

In 1979 the athletic director at Georgia Tech approached my about coaching college tennis, and I hesitated because I did not know if I was up to the job. After conferring with my personal tennis pro who encouraged me to take the job, I did so. The next 8 years were busy as I was not only the coach but everything else as well - the van driver, travel agent, etc. I loved returning to my alma mater as its first tennis coach of a varsity women's sport. We were then at NCAA Division III and gave no scholarships, but we soon entered the Atlantic Coast Conference and moved to Division I. It was rough road because we still did not have any women's tennis scholarships, and we had to play several of the national powerhouses.

In 1986 my husband and I decided to work for ourselves and formed a corporation. We first developed high school grading software used by teachers. With this software they could publish their grades on the Internet. But we soon found out that we were ahead of the market - so we switched our focus to tennis.

We created and software that tennis tournament directors could use to run their tournaments and publish draws and other information to the Internet. This project was perfectly times and we contracted with the United States Tennis Association so that all tournament directors in the US could use our software. We added the production of all USTA rankings to this project and this contract went into 2004. After it ended, we changed focus again to our current project - We now help junior tennis players make contact with the college coaches and vice versa - in hopes that the players will get scholarships to college. Our entire family works with the company and we find this work very rewarding! No retirement is in the offing for me as I cannot imagine not working with our company.

I still correspond with Miss Whitman (Jan Whitman Bradley) via email. She was my mentor in high school and we have never lost touch.

I love my memories of Sarasota High School and the class of '61. It was a really special time in my life.

If any of you are in the metro-Atlanta area, please give me a call (or email) sometime.

Julie Bouchelle Wrege