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Linda Blackmore

I will have to give the credit to Dean Cook Murphy. Dean and I had a nice visit last Sunday and discussed the reunion and all the wonderful postings. I do believe the class of 1961 Sarasota High was the best.

After graduation I attended Herb Stoddard School of Art while working at a local drug store on Main Street this is where I met my first husband. I will not really count him as my husband the marriage lasted about 3 years. Meanwhile Dad moved with the YMCA to Hendersonville NC, I moved to Hendersonville after the separation, getting my divorce in Hendersonville. I lived in Hendersonville for about 8 years working for a manufacturing company and the weekly newspaper as a receptionist. My brother had made his home in Savannah, GA and suggested I come for a visit. I went for a visit and fell in love with the city. I remember clearly crossing the Savannah River on HWY 17, staying to myself " Your life will change. God what plans do you have for me?" While in Savannah I worked in the billing department for a local department store, receptionist for a family owned company leaving the company a year later. I quickly found the job that would carry me into a new life and where I would meet my second husband, Larry. The new job I began in 1976 working in the international brokerage business. I was responsible to handling international cargo arriving into the US via container vessel or air.

I worked directly with US Border and Protection, Food and Drug and various government agencies working for D J Powers. I loved my work and felt this would carry me into the retirement. About 2 years later I met Larry who worked for a local container vessel company. We were married in 1983. We stayed in Savannah for about 5 years but moved to Jacksonville, FL when US Lines went out of business. We stayed in the Jacksonville area I stayed in the industry working for Fritz Companies for 12 years. They were bought by UPS so again we moved. This time we moved to Charlotte, NC ( Waxhaw NC) outside of Charlotte. I went to work for another international forwarded. Larry and I had a wonderful marriage, but many years were spent caring for him. After 12 years in Waxhaw Larry passed 2/17/2007 away after complications after surgery. I lost my best friend that night. But that night I never knew my life would change forever.

I was alone with no children only my stepson in Alabama. I made the decision to leave the business and retire thinking at the time I would find a part-time job maybe doing what I loved. But that was 2008 jobs were hard to find and with age being the big factor I had to make a choice that again would change my life. All of the Blackmore family lived in Atlanta. So I moved again to Atlanta with all good intentions of finding a part-time job. That did not happen, but Atlanta did open doors for me I never knew existed. I have always been a animal lover, dogs are my passion. To fill my empty days I started to volunteer for a local pet adoption group. Larry and I had owned Labradors so Atlanta Dog Squad was where I wanted to volunteer. This lead me into dog rescue. All was going well until May 2010 when I found out I had colon cancer. At this time I am undergoing chemo treatments and doing well. I and know this is where I need to be. I have made many friends that have given me the support I need during this bump in life. I own two dogs that give me comfort and make me get up in the morning.

So in ending, I wish could attend the reunion seeing all of you again, but it will not be possible with my health.

I am on Facebook so request me as your friend.

Have a wonderful time. We were the best - Go Sailors

Linda Blackmore McKenna

-- Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~ Roger Caras