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Richard Barnes

Born in Battle Creek MI on 11-28-43 I was there because I wanted to be close to my mother. We moved to Sarasota FL in 1947. At that time the population was 25K in the summer and 50K in the winter.

1961 to 1963 I attended Manatee Community College and studied Music Education. At the time I wanted to be a high school choral director. While at MJC I dated a girl who wanted to sing opera, so I switched to a voice major and went to The American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, she dumped me. From 63 to 65 I lived there and went to school. I was able to sing with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chorus. Studying was something that never came easy to me. In 65 I decided to get married. We had started dating in January. She was studying voice at the Conservatory as well. The best soprano I have ever known. In July I got a job with The Home Insurance Company as a Personal Lines Underwriter. At the end of August I was married.

From 65 to 67 I continued to work in Chicago. If you watch the History Chanel you might have heard of the big snow storm. It dropped 23 inches or so over night. I had a Super eight move camera and have some film of my wife sitting on a park bench with her legges straight out laying on the top of the snow. A month later my first daughter was born, Stephanie. Later that year I asked for and received a transfer to the Minneapolis Office, Where my second daughter, Sarah was born. No she wasn't born in the office. We lived there until 1979. I was the Choir director at Rosemount Methodist for 6 years.

In July of 79 we moved to Orlando. I was still working for The Home Insurance, now as a Commercial Lines Casualty Underwriter. In 88 I felt my manager wanted me out so The Maryland Casualty Company hired me and we moved to Tampa. In 2000 I was down sized. Ended up being a carpenter for 18 Months and in 2002 we moved to Ocala.

Both of my daughters live in Ocala, we have had a chance to see our grandchildren grow up. 7 grandkids one of which was adopted from The Ukraine. The youngest is 10 the oldest. At Wingate College in NC is 22. Small world? His future father works for Duke University.