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John Anderson

After high school I went to MJC and hung out with a guy named Steve Barkus. That year was a blast. The next year I went off to FSU pursuing a major in chemistry and roomed with Richard Arsenault. Had I read my calculus, organic, and physics books I might not have flunked out. Disappointing my struggling parents I left for California to find my fame and fortune. Finding neither, I returned to Sarasota out of money, went back to MJC and started dating Janice Gamso [62'].

Well, I made up my grades, got back into FSU, roomed with Ro Frederick, Bill Anderson, and Alec Vance, and switched majors to criminology. Finally, I found a course of study that required little study. After one year back at FSU, I again had no money, married Janice, and, she has carried the ball ever since.

I went to grad school to avoid Nam. Managed to get thru and got a job as a Parole officer in Wisconsin. I worked in a prison, worked for a politician, sold paint, had 3 beautiful children [thanks again to Jan], became disillusioned, quit my job and loaded the family in a U-Haul and moved to Arkansas. Spent 30 years there building, developing, and misc. other stuff. Got burnt out and quit at 54 and continued to dabble in real estate.

Now we shuttle between Oklahoma, Tallahassee, and Pensacola to hang out with grandkids. We continue to have a blast traveling---and, we do it with Ro and Donna Frederick, Alec and Leanna Vance, Sunny [Quinn 62'] Archibald.

Life has blessed us with lifelong friends, beautiful children and grandchildren and for me[and just about everybody else we know and the mystery of a beautiful woman who has not only put me thru school but stayed with me for 46 years!

John Anderson